Album release campaign | AT | 2020

Director: Albanek
Director of Photography: Alexander Eath
AC: Sebastian Flek, Lukas Neiber
Gaffer: Martin Bauer
Best Boy: Tobias Dorffner
Art Director: Johannes Schaschl
Safety/Equipment: Tommy Leonardelli
Make Up/Costume Supervisor: Lisa Fellinger

Production: Das Rund
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Producer: Vanessa Gülsen Türksever
PA: Victor Padjas
PA: Lenny Dirnhofer
Color Grading: Daniel Pazderka
Edit: Alban Bekic & Toby Whyle
© & ℗ 2020 Matches Music Published by Matches Music Publishing


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Nikolett Kustos is a still photographer on and off set, creative and visual researcher with a Hungarian heart — working worldwide in the creative and film industry for over 10 years. In between and during productions her curiosity towards the concept of real and what is said to be one's reality keeps expanding.
Nikolett Kustos Studios
Kendlerstrasse 2A/3/14

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