Unit still photography | CANAL+, AT | 2023

Sexplanation is a factual entertainment series about sex related topics.
In six episodes of 15 minutes each, Sexplanation is about the life and love experiences of four in their twenties. Kati, Marco, Muharrem and Laura live together and share everything with each other: joy, struggle, insecurities or hangovers. Accompanying this, moderator Franzi Lindenthaler puts the experiences of the residents in a scientific context. It presents facts and figures about sexuality in all its aspects, this information is supported by statements from experts.

Cast: Thea Ehre,  Leo Plankenstein, Hisham Morscher,  Elena Handl,  Franziska Lindenthaler,  Christof Adolf

Director: Hannah Matthis
Director of Photography: Simone Hart
Production: Das Rund
Concept development: Simone Schiffler

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Nikolett Kustos is a still photographer on and off set, creative and visual researcher with a Hungarian heart — working worldwide in the creative and film industry for over 10 years. In between and during productions her curiosity towards the concept of real and what is said to be one's reality keeps expanding.
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