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In-between is a state or position that is in the middle between two other things : a middle position. The switch is either on or off; there's no in-between.—Britannica Dictionary

In-between sets the space—physical or mental—between one and another that either specifies separation or connection. It seemingly refers to a passing state, the period that transforms A into B. Moreover, in-between only exists because we perceive an idea of the two other things. Yet, what is in the middle, and what does it start and end with?
The vague characteristic of the state of in-between forces to seek the answer to the question, thus defining is a must. Although, once it’s defined, the primary feature of life, flux is taken away.

Consistency is a noble illusion because everything is changing all the time. The you and the me—and everything in-between us. Hence we are always in-between, even now.

The series In-Between is based on a theoretical play aiming to make sense in the here and now, in existence.

Nikolett Kustos is a still photographer on and off set, creative and visual researcher with a Hungarian heart — working worldwide in the creative and film industry for over 10 years. In between and during productions her curiosity towards the concept of real and what is said to be one's reality keeps expanding.
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