Collaboration | AT | 2020

Das Rund creative film production asked me to answer a simple question: What is courage?
Here is my answer:

“Courage measures a person‘s ability to cope with physical and psychological pain or challenges. Having a closer look at this project you may realise that fire can symbolise many things, but let my answer be passion & force. Courage makes me think of infinite possibilities, like the coexistence of fire & water.“
Director: Tessa Kadletz
DOP: Alexander Schneider
AC: Mathias Sonnleitner
PA: Tommy Leonardelli
PA: Fabian Jagoutz
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Sound: Tessa Kadletz
Editing: Tessa Kadletz & David Arno Schwaiger
Grading: Daniel Pazderka

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06.    PALAPELIdifferent sizes, Pigment Inkjet Prints, limited edition | Helsinki, Finland | 2015

Palapeli in Finnish means jigsaw.

This series was an inner journey, a visual equation for a chapter.

07.    THE ALLIANCE: #SHEROESunit still photography | Short Film | AT | 1min 25s | 2021

Campaign film for International Women's Day 2021 by Das Rund.

Misty Copeland: Genet Glass
Jane Goodall: Julie Marie Muntean
Lady Gaga: Eleni McDonald
Michelle Obama: Rabea Mokricky
Annie Leibovitz: Famke Leisch

Director: Maren Langer
Creative Director Duo: Nadine Kriegelstein & Simone Schiffler
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Producer: Vanessa G. Türksever
Director of Photography: Tanja Häring
Editor: Nadja Greisdorfer

→ Full crew

 PR-BILD Award '21 - Young Michelle Obama
→ Cannes Corporate TV & Media Award'21 - Best Script

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Online+Print Campaign | AT |  2019

The Odd one is out!

Director: AMF: Daniel Geronimo Prochaska & Christian Feldes
Director of Photography: Matthias Pötsch
Art Director: Vero Tupy
Costume Designer: Elisabeth Fritsche
Makeup Artist: Christine Akbaba

Production: Das Rund
Producer: Vanessa G. Türksever
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid


Album Release Campaign | AT | 2020

Director: Albanek
Director of Photography: Alexander Eath
AC: Sebastian Flek, Lukas Neiber
Gaffer: Martin Bauer
Best Boy: Tobias Dorffner
Art Director: Johannes Schaschl
Safety/Equipment: Tommy Leonardelli
Make Up/Costume Supervisor: Lisa Fellinger

Production: Das Rund
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Producer: Vanessa Gülsen Türksever
PA: Victor Padjas
PA: Lenny Dirnhofer
Color Grading: Daniel Pazderka
Edit: Alban Bekic & Toby Whyle

© & ℗ 2020 Matches Music Published by Matches Music Publishing

→ tobywhyle.com

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10.    SAFE IN THE ARMS OF ANOTHER60x40 cm, Pigment Inkjet Prints from scans of original color and black and white negatives, limited edition | 2019 - 2020

“I tried calling, but there was no answer, so I decided to put my mind at ease.”

Initiated by the desire for liberation – against my nature, I allow to devote myself to the unknown and unpredictable. I pause the reasoning and process. This series is a collection of fleeting heartbeats, just happened to be there.

Nikolett Kustos is a still photographer on and off set, creative and visual researcher with a Hungarian heart — working worldwide in the creative and film industry for over 10 years. In between and during productions her curiosity towards the concept of real and what is said to be one's reality keeps expanding.
Nikolett Kustos Studios
Kendlerstrasse 2A/3/14

FN 594994